Coldplay never cease to amaze me. I’ve been a fan of Coldplay for quite some time, I remember the first time I heard Yellow, and I was mesmerized but such a beautiful work of art. From then I tried my best to listen to all their work. Songs that only a true fan would know, songs like, Animals, Bigger Stronger, Gravity, I Ran Away, Only Superstition, Bloodless revolution, etc. I’m sure you get the point. So when the 6th studio album came out, like any Coldplay fan I was excited and curious to know what direction they would take with this album. Here’s a dissection of  each song on the album, and a complete review.

Always in My Head 

“I think of you/I haven’t slept/I think I do/But I don’t forget/My body moves/Goes where I will/But though I try my heart stays still/It never moves/Just won’t be left/And so my mouth waters to be feed/And you’re always in my head”.Beautiful, powerful, and blunt, Chris Martin wastes no time to let  his emotions for  Gwyneth Paltrow known. Chris expresses how he want’s to move on and accept that it just wasn’t meant to be. However,the more he tries to move on the more he  realizes he can’t.


The melody and the vibe to this song is a little bit more upbeat. This can been see in lyrics. “Call it magic/Call it true/Call it magic/When I’m with you”. This song reviles his happiness to being with the one with he loves but it also relieves the pain its causing him  but regardless he is still infatuated and in love, and does not mind the pain. This can be seen through the lyrics “And I just got broken/Broken into two/Still I call it magic/When I’m next to you”.


In this song emotions of how much love can causes pain is being poured out. In the previous song “Always in my Head” there’s a part that say “And so my mouth waters to be feed” which symbolizes how he needs the love that  he once had, to be content again. However in this song “Ink” there a part that says “I’m dying of thirst” which shows that he no longer wants to be just content, but he needs that love to survive. You can go for about 20 to 40 days without eating, depending on the person as well, but you can only go 3-5 days without water. Hence reiterating that he is  lost without her, causing him to die inside.

True Love 

To dissect the song “True Love”  we have to go to the previous songs. In “Always in my Head” Chris Martin talks about how he can’t move on, because it hurts,. In “Magic”, Chris express how the the relationship with Gwyneth has hurt him however he’s still at peace  being with her. In “Ink”, he is questioning what true love is, without really it question. This is seen when he says “Is that I love you so/So much that it hurts”. You see, if  a person is starting your sentence with the word “Is”, your basically asking a question.  Now in “True Love” Chris Martin is in completely in denial to accepting that things are not working out between him and Gwyneth. This is seen when he says, “Tell me you love me/If you don’t then lie/Lie to me”. Besides Chris expressing how he cannot come to grip with the relationship failing. He questions whether Gwyneth was truly in love with him, and if she knew how much he loved her. This is seen when he says ” Remember once upon a time/When I was yours and you were blind”, instead of he saying when I was yours and you were mine; he switches the words. In addition, when he says” The fire would sparkle in your eyes/And mine”, could represents Chris looking at Gwyneth, and as he’s looking at her he sees all the effort and love he put into the relationship. But as he’s looking at  her eyes and see the reflection of only his love, he begins to feel as if the relationship has become one-sided, because he doesn’t know if she sees all his efforts.


This song has a  Bon I’ve touch to it, with enchanting melodies and words of desired hope. In this song you can see a slight change in in Chris Martin frame of mind. This change can be seen if you listen to the track list in order. It seems as if he may be accepting what has come to pass. But all is asking for is for peace. This is seen when he says “When I’m rolling with the punches /And hope is gone/Leave a light, a light on”.

Another Arms

In this song Chris Martin is reminiscing, how things use to be with Gwyneth when they were together and happy. However when he tries to think of him holding her like he once was, he then visualizes her being with someone else. This is seen when he says, “Your body on my body/When the world means nothing to me/Another’s arms/Another’s arms/When the pain just rips right through me/Another’s arms.


This song is actually very interesting when you analyze it, it has a few subliminal messages, and its very beautiful as well. In the begin of this song Chris says,”Wait for your call, love/The call never came”. Notice how the words were arranged. He could had said “wait for your love, but  he deliberately chose not to. Once you continue to read the full lyrics, you see that this was done because he starts to realize that he played in a role in the relationship not working, and now that he’s ready to give it his all, it may be too late.  Another key sentence that shows this is when Chris Martin says,”I’m trying to change”. Once again if you read the full lyrics to this song, Chris Martin says “ready” several times in this song, which can also indicate that he was in a stage in his life, were he just wasn’t  ready for certain things that a lasting relationship requires. 

A Sky Full Of Stars 

Throughout the previous songs Chris would basically say that he wants to be with Gwyneth even if it hurts. However in this song, it seems as if Chris  really had an epiphany and truly realizes that in any relationship there is going to be the good and the bad, and regardless of the situation that he is ready. This is seen when he says, “I don’t care, go on and tear me apart”.

And finally  the last song from Ghost Stories Standard edition. Beautiful, you can honestly feel the emotion being evoked. In this song Chris Martin finally accepts the fact that the relationship has ended. He finally accepts that its over.So fly on/Ride through/Maybe one day I’ll fly next to you” symbolizes that he knows that she’s moving on, and how much it hurts, he truly wants her to be happy, and hopefully he can be as happy as her. A few sentences later he says” Maybe one day I come fly with you”, which symbolizes maybe one one day they can be happy together again, whether its as friends or lovers.


The album Ghost stories was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. It was sad, upbeat, then sad again. It evoked a lot of emotion out of me, and as a fan I can honestly say I was not disappointed by this album. It stayed on point with theme, and the message it was trying to convey. The melodies and lyrics were equally as beautiful. And what I admire about this album is that you can see the growth of Coldplay, and how their work continues to improve.