De’MarShun Sander is an upcoming poet and rapper who is quickly gaining attention. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA though his hometown is Fayetteville, North Carolina. His music entails solid messages and as he states, he doesn’t define his music for a certain group of the society. “I don’t do things for just one group of people. I don’t imprison myself with one mode of thinking. I always knew myself to be better than that. I never wanted to make or have a sound that was for a particular county, city, state, region or even a country. The way that I convey my music is great enough for the masses to hear.”

De’Mar is currently working with producer Calypso adding a new sound to his style. Previously he has four mixtapes to his name such as the “RRR” mixtape and “Smoke Session ReRolled”. His latest release “illest poet” coming off his latest project “New Vintage” has already hit over 355,000 views on YouTube and climbing. He has a unique sense of Poetry and the latest release follows a series of other audio/visuals released this year such as “Good Marijuana”.

De’ Mar further says “I want the type of music that forces you to have an opinion. Everyone has a trap house. Everyone is curving. Everyone has the biggest gun. Everyone is rich. I feel like some are just selling you a facade. What I’m doing is selling you the blues, with a huge helping of a good time. Have to stop NOT being ourselves. Stop being so uptight.”


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