fdb0e5c6bd390e9dcae8f2bc80f92ff2_originalTadah! Well, I guess I shouldn’t be so excited cause I didn’t invent this. It is an interesting invention but I love to cheer on my fellow entrepreneurs. The Cyclotron is a new kind of bicycle funded by the internet.the cyclotron
Okay okay, it was funded by Kickstarter. Saying the internet just sounded better. The Cyclotron seems like something out of the TRON movie (The 1982 original TRON not that 2010 one no comparison). Which makes it so nostalgic in 2016. The crowdfunding raised and estimated 1.6 million euros for the campaign.

The bike comes with a three-year guarantee and a lifetime frame warranty. You also get a free replacement in case of theft. You have to come out of pocket for your 80 euros monthly app subscription. You also get a few utilities like butterfly basket for groceries and child seat (pictured below).


the cyclotron utility slots
the cyclotron child seatHere is a video you can learn some more about the cyclotron.

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