Benefits of Social Media Tactics

Marketing alone is a strong tool but when combined with social media you get the bang for your buck. Social media marketing has gained recognition from many businesses. Done properly you present yourself as a storyteller and an expert in your field. Saving you time, money, and expanding your brand’s reach 100 times over.

Innovative thinking will be a great asset to outsmarting your competitors and having your audience focus their attention towards your craft. When you have the attention of others through the means of social media two things come out of it: instant feedback and influential status. That’s great news for the little guy (Who doesn’t like a good underdog story). It will help small businesses go up against the Goliaths marketing tactics.
social media ROI infographic The benefits of a good social media marketing campaign can be found on the infographic provided by MDGadversiting.


Every business has a story, the brands that can best communicate their story wins the crowd. That is pretty much what marketing is in a nutshell. Although that seems simple enough it is very difficult to have your voice heard on a platform where millions are screaming. So if you’re keeping up until now you should be thinking how can I do that?

Let me tell you a story and we’ll dissect it later on. Back in 2009 Twitter just started buzzing. I knew social media was a way to gain attention even back then. It was just so different compared to talking to people face to face.

I tweeted often but never grew my following more than a few hundred. Even though I had celebrities following me. I figured twitter was only for celebrities because they were the only ones getting tweeted to. Don’t get me wrong I would interact but not in the way I should have.

So the only way to have your voice heard is to be the elephant in the room. Can you tell what I did wrong?

Establish Yourself As An Authority

What I did wrong with Twitter was I did not stand out. I didn’t establish myself as an authority figure. Think of your parents, police (sometimes), and the military is all authority figures you would listen to. That gains you the respect of your peers.

If you are a company establish the brand as the leading expert. If your not but you have the skill or expertise  use it and talk about the field you are interested in to capture your potential audience attention. This is a form of social proof which is an effective leadership quality. When others see this they will follow.

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