The Story Of Music – Lucki Starr


Alexis Gordon goes by the name ‘Lucki Starr’ a very talent singer who might be a new artist to some, but the R & B singer and songwriter have graced the stage with big acts such as Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, and Big Sean, making a name for herself. ‘Lucki’ is a talented artist with a deep passion for entertaining her audience through her music, acting, modeling, and dancing.

Lucki Starr was 10 years old when she was asked who was her favorite entertainer, and she answered by saying, “Beyoncé.” she said,“One day I am going to meet her!” Just a short time later, not only did she get to meet her role model, but she got to work with her too! At the age of twelve, Alexis had the opportunity to dance alongside Beyoncé for her “Let’s Move” video for First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign where she was a principal dancer.

Breaking away from the R&B group Lucki Gurlz which was formed in 2012 to pursue her own solo career, the 18-year-old commands the attention of many with her edgy style and a voice that captures the heart of many, which is evident by her over 20,000 followers on Vine as well as her popularity on and Instagram.

It is clear that Lucki Starr knows precisely what she wants her music to sound like: she is essentially chill with an upbeat edge with every song having great instrumentals. In her Adele ‘Send My Love’ cover which has been described as ‘one of the best covers’ her voice captures the essence of the song in a powerful and beautiful tone.

Lucki Starr’s sound is soft but doesn’t get lost as it often complements her music. Through her music, you get a sense of who she is as it reveals a little of her young and refreshing personality and R&B as a genre. Her song “Better” has been an all-time hit amongst fans with over 87,000 views. Thanks to honing her singing experience from as young as 6-year-old, she has earned a reputation in music as a talented musician.

It was her father, Allen ‘Allstar’ Johnson, a Grammy-nominated producer who has worked with SWV, Madonna, Whitney Houston, and others, who exposed Alexis to a love of music at an early age.

Considered as one of the next generation of top artists whose music will be loved by many, her fans are curiously waiting for her next release while they stay in tuned to her via Instagram and Twitter.

With a beat that is soothing, her music and vibe have the power to win the hearts of Generation Y and millennials. But that power rests solely with Lucki Starr who is building her way to the top.