Are you? Well, before you find out, there are a few interesting things you might want to know. Did you know that internet addiction is considered to be a clinic disorder?

In fact, the first “AA” clinic for those who spent way too much time on the internet was set up in the 90s by Dr. Kimberley Young who considered this to be a compulsive behavior, such as alcohol abuse or drug addiction, and it is linked to existing mental health illnesses, in most cases with depression.

These days, the extensive use of smartphones had made the internet even more addictive by being so accessible. Still, there are a lot of people who use it for work and business, rather for playing online games, porn, gambling or other websites of these sorts.

So, how do you know if you’re an internet addict and it’s time to take it easier? The first signs of internet addiction are related to the amount of time you spend online. Studies show that people spend twice as much time online than they used to spend 10 years ago, and young adults spend an average of 27 hours and 36 minutes, almost triple as much as they used to spend 10 in 2005., the use of internet has increased due to the fact that more and more people are working online or have online based businesses that require frequent internet use. Still, internet addiction is more than the amount of time one spends online, but also the way in which this negatively affects various aspects of their lives.

Psychologist Mark D. Griffiths has stablished 6 criteria that tell one has an internet addiction. The first sign of internet addiction is when the internet becomes the most important activity in a person’s life and dominates their thinking, but when it triggers mood modification and withdrawal symptoms it’s sure case of an addiction.

Internet addiction will most often trigger problems and negative outcomes in everyday live but, as any addiction, the hardest part is to acknowledge and become aware of it.

Afterwards it’s in everyone’s power to take control over their lives once again and put break this vicious habit that almost put a toll on their lives.