Is Connor McGregor serious about retirement?

What is everyone talking about in the MMA world? The charismatic, big personality, and overconfident Connor McGregor has made a huge announcement on twitter. Connor McGregor tweeted yesterday “I have decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch ya’s later”. What could this mean for the future of McGregor’s career in the UFC? It’s hard to say whether he’s serious or not at this point, but Dana White the President of the UFC addressed the issue on ESPN earlier today. Mr. White has made it clear that Connor McGregor will not be fighting against Nick Diaz in UFC 200 due McGregor not wanting to participate in any press conferences or advertisements necessary for the fight. Connor McGregor was training in Iceland and refused to come back to the states to handle his responsibilities necessary for fight promotions. This has happened only one other time in UFC history, when Nick Diaz didn’t show up for the press conference in his fight up against George St. Pierre.

The UFC headquarters in now trying to find out what they’re going to do for UFC 200. Dana White is trying to keep Nick Diaz on the card and possibly adding a fight to the card. There’s talk of George St. Pierre and Jon Jones both former champions.