Germany Black Forest Travel Guide

Do you want to go to one of Germany’s most visited sights, to feel the fresh air and admire the natural beauties of this European country? If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, then you have to go on a trip to the Black Forest. Although the name recalls a horror movie, this forest there is nothing scary about this forest. It was given this name by the Romans because it mostly consisted of conifer trees, which are a darker green than deciduous trees, and on the other hand create a denser foliage, causing less light reach the ground.

Germany’s Black Forest is situated in the southwestern part of the country, in Baden-Württemberg and it is actually a very forested mountain. To its south and west, the forest has the Rhine river. The highest peak measures 1,493 meters and the length of the mountain is about 150 km. From the Black Forest originates one of Europe’s famous rivers: the blue Danube.

Also make you you stop by Bavaria, it is situated to the east of the Black Forest, so you can get in touch with the German traditions. The mountain area preserved many of the Bavarian products, customs and fares. Thus, you will taste a little bit of culture. Also, you will have the privilege to find that the most common and profitable industry of this region is the wood industry, together with tourism. So, you can imagine that for the locals, this forest means everything. That’s why it is so well managed. To preserve it every year, some land areas are being deforested and then replanted. That’s why Germany can export several of the world’s best quality products made out of wood.

Once you get in the Germany’s Black Forest you must also visit some of the cities situated in the neighborhood: Freiburg, Staufen, Altensteig, Calw (where the writer Hermann Hesse was born), Haslach, Gengenbach or Schiltach. If you visit their museums, monuments and old buildings they will show you the rich history of the region. You can also be proud that you will be seeing places visited before by the famous count Otto von Bismarck. You can also explore the wildlife of the woods: a rare breed of cattle, giant earthworms, horses, eagles and owls. Once you visit the Black Forest, you will never want to leave. The beauty of the landscapes will captivate you forever. But it’s not only the views that catches your attention.
So, if you want to see how the nature combines with culture and history go visit Germany’s Black Forest and you will not be disappointed.