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The Boondocks Meet DragonBall Z

If you love Dragonball Z and Boondocks then you’re going to love this picture. We wanted to know what inspired Art of Kimbo to creating this picture, and this is what he had to say.

“Well, I was always a fan of the Boondocks and I wanted to make a picture using Huey and Riley. I wanted to use those two to illustrate a bunch of different rivalries/partnerships/bromances from various forms of media. (so there’s more to come!) One of the first that came to mind was Goku and Vegeta. It was just gonna be a pin-up of Huey and Riley looking cool in the outfits. Then, as I was drawing Riley, I decided to give him a scouter at the last minute and then the typical jokes “it’s over 9000″ came to mind. But I decided to add a twist to it. Hence, Riley’s line”.

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