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Jesse Gold’s “On Our Own” Album


 “On Our Own” Album

With an upbeat country pop sound, Canadian musician Jesse Gold comes with a fresh sound and and some impressive vocals on his debut album entitled “On Our Own”. The album has been released in early December 2015, and it includes 7 amazing tracks inspired by love, friendship, summertime love, and the ups and downs of life. We were impressed with his sound and really enjoyed the tracks on his albums, especially the opening one “Pretty Girl”, the official video can be viewed on YouTube. The songs on his album have fine guitar lines performed by Jesse himself on the “Oh Lord, Take Me” track or “Gotta Let It Go”, but the album also features sweet piano love songs like “How Did I Lose You” and others. If you want to listen to Jesse Gold’s music, you can check it out on SoundCloud, also buy his debut album on iTunes.