Credit: @NekiaNichelle

On Valentine’s Day this year, Mýa released her album titled Smoove Jones which is her seventh studio album and her eighth project as an independent artist on her label Planet 9. The album marked her 18th year in the entertainment business and exactly 18 years after her debut single “It’s all about me” which featured Sisqo. Those of you who are Old school RnB fans may know her from any of the three successful studio albums she has in her name. These are “Mýa” released in 1998, “Fear of flying” released in 2000 and “Moodring” which debuted in 2003. 2001 was arguably the highlight of her career having won a Grammy for “Lady Marmalade” a single she released alongside other artists.

The album is proof that though her music is no longer played on the radio as much anymore, she still works hard at recording and producing. The album is a gift to all her fans and looks to me like her intention when producing it was to give quality music to her fans and not to break her bank account. In the album, she confesses her love for her fans on the song “Team You”. This probably explains why she failed to shoot videos for the album and little promotion and touring was done for it. Nonetheless, the album is worth listening to.

The beginning of the album is a creative skit where Mya plays host to “Smoove Jones Radio” promising to take the audience on a ride. That’s what the album does exactly. There exists diversity in the album’s sound where she incredibly mashes up contemporary RnB to its roots and does so effortlessly. Mya’s Vocals are as beautiful as they get and she reminds us why we fell in love with her music in the first place. It shows that even on her own, Mya knows how to produce good music. If you haven’t yet listened to the album, you can thank me later.

The new album is a special one in this modern era since it takes us on a journey into the musical past encompassing old school elements from the 1970s to the 90s.