Welcome to San Carlos de Bariloche


San Carlos de Bariloche is an Argentinean city situated in the Rio Negro province. Locals call it simply Bariloche. The city is surrounded by beautiful scenery: Nahuel Huapi National Park, Nahuel Huapi Lake and the Andes. Bariloche developed in the 40s and it soon became a tourism centre that features numerous chocolate shops, cafes, restaurants, mountaineering, trekking and ski facilities.

There are numerous mountains (López, Cerro, Cerro Catedral and Tronador) and lakes (Mascaradi Lake, Moreno Lake and Gutiérrez Lake) that surround San Carlos de Bariloche. Besides skiing and trekking, the city is a great destination for water sports and sight-seeing. In the mountains you can find beautiful St. Bernard dogs and in the city you can spoil yourself with some exquisite chocolate from the chocolate boutiques. Because of these facilities and its amazing landscape, Bariloche is said to have a Swiss-like atmosphere.

If you want to take a short glimpse over the history of this town, you can visit the Museum of Patagonia. The building is situated in the main plaza and features pre-Hispanic objects, pictures and local wildlife.

However, San Carlos de Bariloche is all about mountains, hiking and skiing. So, most of the facilities and attractions are related to this feature. The first thing you have to do is rent a local guide. He’ll be able to show you all the circuits, paths, tracks and ski centers. The most famous circuits are Cerro López, Cerro Frey, Cerro Otto, Circuito Chico, Cerro Campanario and Cerro Catedral. Because of the numerous lakes, Bariloche also offers various boat trips in Cruce de Lagos and El Bosque de Arrayanes.

Be a local at San Carlos de Bariloche

The most popular local activity is paragliding from Cerro Cathedral or Cerro Otto. 30 minutes of flight costs almost Ar$250. Other activities are horse riding in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, kayak on Gutierrez Lake and rafting on Rio Manso and Rio Limay. For an interesting adventure you can try a journey in the historical steam train on a railway dating from 1912.

A thing that you shouldn’t miss in San Carlos de Bariloche is visiting the chocolate shops and of course trying this exquisite sweet. Some chocolates are filled with liquor and local fruits. The most famous chocolate boutiques are Tante Frida, Bonifacio, Del Turista, Rapa Nui, Fenoglio, Benroth, La Abuela Goye and Mamuschka. If you want to try other local goods like some traditional cuisine you can go to Tarquino, Sesamo, Santos Resto, Cassis Restaurant, Taberna Breogan Celta, La Parilla de Julian and El Boliche de Alberto.

Off the beat attractions

A very interesting attraction is Los Siete Lagos or The Seven Lakes. These picturesque lakes are located near San Martin de Los Andes and San Carlos de Bariloche. There are buses that perform daily trips to these beautiful lakes.

Cerro Tronador is another extraordinary sight. Here you can see an amazing cliff called Saltillo de las Nalcas, a stunning waterfall and a unique black glacier. The place is perfect for hiking and admiring the wonderful view.