The BMW iX Flow


                BMW made a big splash premiering one of there electric cars. The car was introduced at the industry’s largest consumer electronics show, held in Las Vegas this year.

                Earlier this month, BMW has made an interesting introduction: a new concept in driving innovation. Called iX Flow , its main features is the theatre like care experience with diamond so round sound. Behind the two front seats, there is enough space for up to three passengers.

                The most interesting part of this is that it’s electric and can achieve up to 450km and produce 610 hp. The E-ink feature seemed to be one of the more eye catching features with this car. The display of the car had chameleon effect changing to different colours the user want through an app.

The E-ink proved to be very impressive with the viewers. With the interior being just as impressive. A curved screen for a dashboard and the same amazing quality you would expect from BMW.

The front of the car is equipped with a laser sensor system and four cameras. Among other things, it can recognize traffic lights and stop signs and detect other cars and pedestrians to help prevent accidents. It has two electric motors , one powering the front axle and another powering the back wheels. As for batteries , iX Flow can be fully charged in about two and a half hours.