Enrique Swa’vey is a diverse rapper that was born in Florida. After a period of time of living in Florida, he then migrated to Atlanta and resided there until he was around 12 years old. Growing up he spent the majority of his summers in New York.

At some point, he made his way back to Florida where he finished middle school and working on his skills as a rapper. His skills come from being able to adapt to different musical styles and adding a mixture of different cultures to his songs.

This talented artist also manages other talented individuals as well. Before managing, he was an intern for a radio station called “Jay Everyday” Along with Co-Hosting a few shows. One of the shows he worked on was titled “It’s a go with Toni Steelz.” The show later became a podcast, which he is still a part of it. He kept pushing himself and eventually created his own group.

The name of the group is “La Familia”  which consist of; music artists, visual artists, athletes, clothing designers, and models. His structure symbolizes hard work, dedication, and motivation.  Check out this his music.